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Meet Newmarket's mayoral candidates

NewmarketToday asked all the right questions that will help you decide which candidates gets your vote.
Election Day is Oct. 22. Advance voting begins Oct. 13 in Newmarket.

The race for the top job in Newmarket is between longtime local politician John Taylor, currently regional councillor and deputy mayor, and Newmarket businessman and victim rights advocate Joe Wamback.

Take care not to vote for former mayoral candidate Talib Ansari, who dropped out of the race Sept. 19. Although he has withdrawn his candidacy, you'll still see his name on the ballot. According to the Municipal Elections Act, a candidate’s name cannot be removed from the ballot after July 27, when the candidate nomination period closed.

The job pays a town base salary of $95,631 — a third of which is tax free — plus a regional base salary ranging from $56,195 to $57,173, plus $11,404 for sitting on the Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Limited Board of Directors (based on attendance) and $8,400 to cover the lease of a vehicle. 

John Taylor

Joe Wamback

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