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Mayoral candidate: John Taylor

NewmarketToday provided each municipal election candidate in Newmarket with the following questionnaire to submit. The responses have not been edited or altered. Word limits have been strictly enforced.
Mayoral candidate John Taylor

Name: John Taylor

Position for which you are running: Mayor

Do you reside in the ward in which you are running (council candidates): Yes I live in Newmarket

Outline your background/experience (100-word limit):

  • Born and raised in Newmarket
  • Regional Councillor and Deputy Mayor for 12 years
  • Chair of York Region Community and Health Services Committee
  • Co-Chair of Human Services Planning Board of York Region
  • Member of Newmarket Economic Development Committee
  • Owned and operated his own business with over 30 employees
  • Holds Master Degree in Canadian Studies and Ph.D. in Education
  • Married to Michelle with two children Addison and Ethan

What are the top four qualities required to be an effective municipal representative? (4-word limit):

  1. logical
  2. hard-working
  3. collaborative
  4. perseverance

Explain why you are the best qualified candidate. (100-word limit):

Running a town of 90,000 people with a budget of over 100 million dollars is complex and demanding. I have been the Regional Councillor for 12 years and the Deputy Mayor. I have served on every major committee at the Town and at the Region. I have a proven track record of experience and success. Newmarket is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in all of Canada. This does not happen by accident – it is the result of collaboration and perseverance. Newmarket is an amazing community full of opportunity and we must move forward ...

What are the two most important issues for your ward/constituents? (200-word limit):

Quality of Life:  Residents in the Town of Newmarket want and expect an exceptional quality of life. They want beautiful parks, trails, and facilities such as the Magna Centre.  We must continue to expand our trail network, build out the Mulock Farm Park and build a skate park and outdoor arena for our youth. The residents of Newmarket want a world class hospital, an award winning Main Street and a world class Mall. As Mayor I have to work with all stakeholders to ensure we continue to provide the best possible quality of life achievable.

Strong local Economy: A strong local economy provides local businesses and entrepreneurs with the basis for success. A strong local economy means residential property value will remain strong protecting the largest asset of many of our residents. A strong local economy supports social agencies and charities with the dollars they need to thrive. We must continue to attract world class companies like Celestica, we must build out our new broadband company to provide a competitive advantage and we must support our local small business base. Residents want a prosperous Town and Region and we must strategically deliver on this goal.

What will you do to ensure you are accountable to your constituents? (50-word limit):

I will launch a Mayor’s newsletter. I will meet with any resident who requests a meeting. I will engage in social media to both share and listen with regards to emerging issues and concerns.

What is the most important issue for council/school board to address in the next term? (100-word limit):

We need to try to secure key infrastructure: Upper York Sewage Treatment Plant, Mulock GO Train Station, twining of the force main, expand Yonge Street North.

Describe your dream project that would result in a better quality of life in Newmarket. (100-word limit):

A dream project for the town of Newmarket should be of value to virtually every resident and it should be financially manageable. Building out the Mulock farm to be a destination for every resident in Newmarket with green space, activities, and entertainment is the most exciting project I have seen in decades.  This 11 acre site is a blank slate. In this next term of Council we must ‘get it right’ and ensure this park becomes something amazing not just something good.

Answer Yes or No (1-word limit):

Should salaries be reduced for the mayor and councillors? No 

Are taxes too high for the services provided to residents? No 

Do you support tax increases to pay for the purchase of properties, such as Mulock Estates? Yes

Should opening a second branch of Newmarket Public Library be a top priority for the next term? No

Should the town continue to give incentives and loans to Main Street businesses as part of its revitalization strategy? Yes 

Should the town provide additional incentives to developers to encourage more affordable rental units? Yes

Should councillors be required to provide more fully itemized and detailed expense reports, accessible online at no cost to the public? No

Should the mayor and councillors block followers on their town social media accounts? No

Should there be fixed terms for councillors? No