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_Workshops Poster April 12 (4 ads)

Free Employment Skills Training Workshops

The Employment skills training workshops will help you develop employment skills in customer service, bookkeeping and QuickBooks and more. These workshops are available to York Region, Toronto, and
APPROVED Bookkeeping (Website Post)

Free Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Training Workshop

Learn basic bookkeeping principles, refresh your math skills and gain practical experience using QuickBooks in a small class with an instructor. Learn how to use Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
May 24 Adult Computer Training (Instagram Post (Square))

Skills Upgrading Centre – Free Computer Training

Our computer training programs help you master basic and intermediate computer skills. Improve your computer skills as you work with today’s most commonly used software: Windows, Microsoft Office,

Indoor Golf Season is upon us!

I know we don't want to admit it....but summer is coming to an end. but don't let the colder weather get you down! The Bogey Club Indoor Golf Bar & Lounge is here to brighten up the winter! Join us

Blueberry & Citrus gins on sale until Oct. 7

For the first time ever, both our popular Wicked Blueberry ($2 off) & Wicked Citrus ($3 off) gins are on sale as your local LCBO! Both are award-winning, delicious Canadian-made spirits ✨ This is the

Get Connected to the Village Media Network!

Join thousands of local businesses and connect to the most powerful local media network in Ontario! Click here to find out how!