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Mayoral candidate: Joe Wamback

NewmarketToday provided each municipal election candidate in Newmarket with the following questionnaire to submit. The responses have not been edited or altered. Word counts have been strictly enforced.
Town of Newmarket mayoral candidate Joe Wamback

Name: Joe Wamback

Position for which you are running: Mayor of Newmarket 

Do you reside in the ward in which you are running (council candidates): I have lived in Newmarket Ward 1 for 27 years. I love this community and am very proud of all of the good things available to our residents. That said I know we can do better 

Outline your background/experience (100-word limit):

Graduated civil engineering and formed my own design build construction company in 1984 completing over 10 million sq. ft. of buildings. I am a qualified Arbitrator and Mediator and was appointed as an Administrative Judge to the Federal Government in 2009 resolving 2000 appeals. Founded the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation in 2001 to provide scholarships for survivors of violent crime in Canada. Sponsored therapy dog programs for women’s shelters and provide free psychological counselling for crime victims in York Region. I am the recipient of Queens Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals for contribution to my country and community as well ...

What are the top four qualities required to be an effective municipal representative? (4-word limit):

1. Honesty

2. Integrity

3. Transparency

4. Accountability

Explain why you are the best qualified candidate. (100-word limit):

I am not a career politician. I am a long time resident, business owner, CEO, founder and Board Chair of a National Charitable Foundation. My work as an Arbitrator, Mediator and business owner has prepared me and given me a unique perspective on the pains, solutions and challenges facing the residents of our community. The principles of Arbitration and Mediation are not just equally applicable to public service they are even more important to serve the position of Mayor.

Back-room deals, hidden agreements and concealed negotiations will never become part of my conduct or those of council. My experience will bring consensus building skills to the Council Chambers to ensure that we all work together for a better Newmarket.

What are the two most important issues for your ward/constituents? (200-word limit):

All of the items in my Platform are important to me and the residents of Newmarket. We must re-establish good working relations with the Province. Our current Council has failed to secure funding for a new sewage treatment plant to handle our future.

We cannot build any new projects as we cannot process the waste water. We need business investment to reduce the Towns dependence on Residential assessment for property taxes which includes cutting red tape and monitoring design criteria to benefit Newmarket.

I will maintain the uniqueness of Main Street and review Mulock farm purchase with long term goals to be consistent with the best interests of taxpayers that include quality housing integrated with trails and parks. I will make this property work for residents so it does not become a tax burden for our children and grandchildren. I will create parking north of Riverwalk commons with an elevated walkway to Main Street that will be free of charge for all Newmarket residents and encourage new business development on Main Street. I will create a fully ...

What will you do to ensure you are accountable to your constituents? (50-word limit):

Council must be openly accountable for the actions they take and their results. Serving the residents demands that we face reality and recognize actions that will work and those that will not work or not wanted. We must avoid them or fix them. Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power...

Describe your dream project that would result in a better quality of life in Newmarket. (100-word limit):

I don’t have a dream project. My vision for Newmarket is for Accountability, Clarity and Transparency to be the rule of the day.  We must respect taxpayer’s dollars and I have no desire to create a legacy project named after me. We need a reliable connected transportation network that works, liveable affordable housing, functional libraries and predictable secure services and most importantly open communication between the Town and its residents. My full platform can be found at The residents of Newmarket deserve a Mayor who will be fully committed to principles that will make this town even better...

Yes or No? (1-word limit):

Should salaries be reduced for the mayor and councillors? Yes

Are taxes too high for the services provided to residents? Yes

Do you support tax increases to pay for the purchase of properties, such as Mulock Estates? No

Should opening a second branch of Newmarket Public Library be a top priority for the next term? No

Should the town continue to give incentives and loans to Main Street businesses as part of its revitalization strategy? No

Should the town provide additional incentives to developers to encourage more affordable rental units? Yes

Should councillors be required to provide more fully itemized and detailed expense reports, accessible online at no cost to the public? Yes

Should the mayor and councillors block followers on their town social media accounts? No

Should there be fixed terms for councillors? Yes