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LETTER: Taking guns from law-abiding citizens won't halt criminals

Liberal government's proposed firearms legislation won't impact gang-related shootings with smuggled guns, letter writer says
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Re: National handgun freeze key feature of federal Liberals' new firearm-control bill, May 30, 2022.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Conservative Party is saying. But I am very unhappy with the gun laws that the Liberals are trying to implement. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will do absolutely nothing with the gun crime that is going on.

There has been no gun crime with guns from law-abiding, legitimate gun owners.

This is a political tactic to get re-elected. This will not stop gang-related shootings with the guns that are smuggled in from the States and are scrubbed from their serial numbers.

This law is just removing guns from law-abiding citizens and will do absolutely nothing about gun crime in Canada. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Brian Barnett, Sutton