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Hike for your local hospices on Saturday May 11, 2024

#Hike4Hospice is back and calling on community support for the continuation of hospice care services

The Margaret Bahen Hospice and Doane House Hospice are facilities offering support for people who have gone into recovery from such illnesses and, if needed, grief and bereavement support for family members.

As non-profit organizations, they rely on community support to continue providing these essential services. One such opportunity to lend your support comes through the annual Hike for Hospice event.


This event invites individuals, families, and teams to come together, share memories, honour loved ones, and raise funds critical for the continuation of hospice care services.

By participating in the Hike for Hospice, you're not just taking a step forward on the path; you're helping ensure that every individual receives the dignity, care, and comfort they deserve at the time they need it most.


Margaret Bahen Hospice provides a serene and supportive environment for individuals in their final stages of life.

With a commitment to 24/7 palliative care, this residential hospice ensures that residents and their family members receive not only top-notch medical attention but also the emotional and physosocial support necessary during this time. Last year alone, the hospice supported 190 residents and their families, offering home-cooked meals, access to beautiful outdoor areas, and programs designed to create lasting memories.


Adjacent to the care provided by Margaret Bahen Hospice, Doane House Hospice offers a wide range of programs aimed at assisting individuals from initial diagnosis through treatment, recovery, advanced care planning, and grief. Their services extend beyond the individual to encompass family members, providing grief and bereavement support to anyone who has experienced loss.

Last year, Doane House Hospice reached over 250 residents living in York Region, demonstrating their extensive impact on the community.

While both hospices receive government funding for certain medical and direct care staff costs, there remains a significant gap that must be filled to cover other essential expenses like food, electricity, and amenities that make these places feel truly like home.


An annual target of $850,000 needs to be raised through special events, donations, and sponsorships to maintain the high-quality, compassionate care these hospices are known for.

By supporting Hike for Hospice, you are directly contributing to the well-being of your community and ensuring that these vital services remain available for those in need.

Whether through participation, donation, or sponsorship, your support makes a difference in the lives of countless individuals and families navigating the complexities of facing a life-threatening illness or the loss of a loved one.

Join them in this crucial mission and help continue to offer a sanctuary of peace, dignity, and comfort to those who are facing some of the most difficult times in their lives as a family.