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LETTER: Ontario voters' apathy taking heart-breaking toll

82% of voters did not chose Premier Doug Ford or his entourage of 'yes' hangers on, says letter writer
2022-03-11 Ford at RVH SG crop
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Once again we are being penalized by the lack of civic responsibility of about 5 million registered voters who neglected to cast their ballots in the 2022 provincial election.

With over 10 million Ontarians legally entitled to vote, we are now at the whims of one of the worst provincial governments Ontario has ever had, led by the least qualified premier ever.

This rag-tag collection of self-serving figure heads has been elected (oxymoronic) by just 18 per cent of eligible voters. In fact, 82 per cent of voters did not chose this premier or his entourage of "yes" hangers on.

The numbers are staggering, heart-breaking, soul-crushing weight on the back of a once thriving province. This is, indeed, a very sad and dark time for our beautiful province.

Julio C. Santos, Newmarket