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LETTER: Newmarket church meal program highlights community caring

Core value of ISARC is a mutual responsibility to care and share with the community to ensure people's basic needs are met, says letter writer

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Re: Inflations adds challenge to Aurora food bank's mission, Aug. 3, 2022, and Volunteering is way of life for Newmarket Ahmadiyya Muslim youth, Aug. 1, 2022.

NewmarketToday recently featured two articles that described those who are reaching out to care for their neighbours. Brock Weir’s article told of the great numbers accessing the Wednesday evening Welcome Table community meal in Aurora. Julia Galt’s article described the volunteerism of the Newmarket Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. The fact that different faith groups were featured in the same daily news email reminded me of the work of the Inter-faith Social Assistance Reform Coalition that advocates with and for Ontarians living in low-income households. 

That organization has six core values, one of which is mutual responsibility: The obligation of communities to care and share with their people, ensuring that basic needs are met (

At Trinity United Church in Newmarket, one example of mutual responsibility is the Tuesday evening LAMP supper program. In June 2021, an average of 83 hot nutritious meals were distributed in compostable containers to those in great need of calories. In June 2022, the average number has reached 115. This is an increase of more than one-third. 

Clearly, in Newmarket there are a number of not-for-profit agencies and church charities motivated by a sense of mutual responsibility. This speaks well of our town. If a member of the public wishes to support a weekly food security program financially, they may do so by visiting the church’s website: Scroll down to the Canada Helps icon; click on it and indicate in the message box that the money is for the LAMP supper program. 

More broadly, members of the public may pray for the social service programs known to them, and by doing so become even more spiritually attuned to the value of mutual responsibility. 

Rev. Ross Carson, retired, congregational member, Newmarket