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Windfall Ecology Centre gets $340K to help building owners track energy use

The project will enable York Region building landlords and property managers to better track, report and compare their energy and water consumption
2019 04 26 Deb Schulte Visit - Edited
King-Vaughan MP Deb Schulte announced an investment of more than $340,000 to Aurora's Windfall Ecology Centre to assist building owners to measure energy and water consumption. Supplied photo/Ministry of Natural Resources

AURORA — Energy efficiency in buildings strengthens competitiveness, lowers costs, maximizes profits and helps the environment. Promoting and rewarding energy-efficient practices are key components of Canada's approach to a clean energy economy.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue Deb Schulte, on behalf of Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, announced Wednesday an investment of more than $340,000 to Windfall Ecology Centre to help with the measurement and sharing of energy and water consumption information.   

"Promoting energy-efficient practices is a key component of Canada's approach to a clean energy future. We are proud to work with the Windfall Ecology Centre to help commercial building owners save money and energy while reducing their environmental footprint," Schulte said.

With funding from Natural Resources Canada, the centre will assist York Region's building owners and property managers in reporting energy and water consumption using the free ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Benchmarking tool. The project will enable building landlords and managers in York Region to better track and report their annual energy and water consumption and to measure their performance against comparable buildings.

Data management is a key component of Canada's Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change plan. Natural Resources Canada supports provinces, territories, municipalities and stakeholders in implementing energy benchmarking, labelling and disclosure projects.

Through Generation Energy, Canada's national energy dialogue, Canadians said that they want to see Canada continue to be a leader in the transition to a clean growth economy. Canada will continue to support innovative projects that create jobs, improve industry competitiveness, cut pollution and address climate change.

Quick Facts

  • Buildings are a significant source of pollution in Canada, with commercial and institutional buildings accounting for approximately 8 per cent of Canada's of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Given that 75 per cent of the buildings that will be standing in 2030 have already been built, significantly reducing energy use in existing buildings is one of the most important and effective means of tackling emissions from the buildings sector.
  • ENERGY STAR® Canada is an 18-year energy efficiency success story. The voluntary program is a partnership between the Government of Canada and more than 1,500 organizations working to use our natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency. The program is administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.