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Town addresses stormwater charge concerns

Residents have paid the surcharge in the past - it was part of their property taxes, says town
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In 2017, the Town of Newmarket introduced a stormwater charge that reduced property taxes by 2.6 per cent and further decreased the water bill by 0.7 per cent. These amounts were transferred to create a stormwater management fund and did not increase the overall cost to residents.

Paying for stormwater is not new, as residents were previously funding stormwater management through property taxes.
In 2019, for the first time, the Town reflected this charge on a separate stormwater invoice to residents. This was done to accommodate a new property tax system and to be compliant with legislation that does not allow the stormwater charge to be directly added on the property tax bill.
The Town has heard from a number of residents who inquired about streamlining the payment process. The Town is looking at a better and more efficient way for residents to be billed. As an interim solution for 2019, Town of Newmarket residents can:

Pay the stormwater invoice now.

Residents can pay through online or telephone banking (payee: Town of Newmarket Taxes), by mailing in a cheque, or in-person at various Town of Newmarket facilities.


Wait for the stormwater charge to be added to your property tax account.

You will see the stormwater charge on the first installment of the final property tax bill (due on July 25, 2019) alongside your property tax amount. No late payment fees will be added until August 1, 2019.

If you pay through a pre-authorized payment plan, the stormwater charge will be added to your regular withdrawal date. No late payments fees will be added.

About the stormwater charge: 

The Town provides stormwater management services to protect the community and environment from stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is water that flows off properties, mostly from rain and snow events. Stormwater runoff then flows into our stormdrains and local watercourses, often carrying harmful pollutants and chemicals with it.
Newmarket is a growing community and there is more stormwater than ever before due to climate change, and the inability to for the ground to absorb stormwater due to more hard surfaces like roads, parking lots, driveways and roofs.
Stormwater management is essential. Without stormwater management services, properties in Newmarket could be at a higher risk of flooding due to aging infrastructure and climate change, and these services require sufficient funding to serve the community.
For more information on the stormwater charge, visit the website.