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LETTER: Newmarket community shines after boy hit by vehicle

Dozens of residents supported the student who was hit by a vehicle, provided witness accounts to York Regional Police, the area councillor says
Newmarket Ward 6 Councillor Kelly Broome. Supplied photo/Kelly Broome

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Re: Boy, 12, suffers minor injuries after being hit by vehicle in Newmarket

When our town bands together to become an active, united community, we call this a “movement”. I am proud to call that community Newmarket, and my home.

Our neighbourhoods are known for coming together to help each other often. Some examples include the Humboldt Broncos bus accident, when our community showed support, stopped to reflect, and was there to help.

Recently, we all donned our raincoats, grabbed garbage bags and helped to clean up our community. Working together, helping each other, and making our community a better place.

On Wednesday, April 24 at about 3:45 p.m., our community again came together to help.  

I was crossing the road at Doubletree Lane to Jordanray Boulevard, headed home with my 10-year-old. Just north of us, we could see ambulances leaving the intersection of Clearmeadow and Doubletree.  

My heart began to race, wondering what had occurred. I was thinking of my other two children, as well, who were not home from school yet.  

It’s a scary feeling when this happens, especially so close to home. Dozens of people were there to support the student who was hit by a vehicle and provide witness accounts to York Regional Police.

I contacted York police personally and, upon completion of the investigation, they informed me that the 12-year-old student suffered only minor injuries, was treated and released from the hospital later that evening. The driver was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian.

I am very grateful for the people in our community such as Jill Moore, Susan McCabe, Heather King, Darlene Morrison, Nancy Fish, Glenn Rodger, and so many more who reach out to me to help our community. We have the power to drive change and we do drive change every day.

York police often remind us to use the Road Watch tool when we witness someone breaking the law on the roads. Road Watch is a community-driven program that gives you the opportunity to report dangerous and aggressive drivers to police directly, as they occur.  

Follow this link to file a report.

If it is a road or intersection at which you may have seen poor driving behaviour occur, rather than a specific instance, you should report a community concern online.  

Follow this link to file a report.

If we use these tools, work alongside police, and continue to support our community, we can make a difference. Community safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Once again, I am proud to call Newmarket my home and would like to thank our community, first responders, York Regional Police and NewmarketToday for sharing their voice and supporting us.

Kelly Broome
Councillor, Ward 6, Newmarket