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Developer donates 16 acres for parks, trails, greenspace in Newmarket

The $14M donation in the Glenway area from Marianneville Developments Limited is one of the largest in the town's history, mayor says
2021-12-16 Marianneville land donation
Marianneville Developments Limited has donated lands valued at $14 million to the Town of Newmarket.

The Town of Newmarket is excited to officially receive a donation of approximately 16 acres (6.5 ha) of land from Marianneville Developments Limited. The land will be used for the development of parks, open space, trails and to support the existing stormwater management facilities in the area. The donation was first announced in 2017 and closed on Dec. 14, 2021.

“Thank you to Marianneville Developments Limited for this green space donation. At 16 acres, it is one of the largest donation of land in the Town’s history and will help us continue to create extraordinary public places and spaces in Newmarket,” says Mayor John Taylor. “We look forward to working with Marianneville to transform this land into a space for residents to enjoy and come together as a community.” 

In addition to the land donation, Marianneville Developments Limited has agreed to design and construct future trails and related works at its cost, at a time agreed with the Town.

The trail will connect to the Bathurst Street sidewalk, the existing trail in the Kirby Crescent Park, and Alex Doner Drive. The trail design and details will be finalized after a public consultation process, in line with the Town of Newmarket’s standard processes. 

The donated lands, which are estimated to be worth $14 million, are located east of Bathurst Street, north of Binns Avenue, west of Alex Doner Drive and in the area of Borland Court and Otton Road in Ward 7.  

Including this 16 acres (6.5 ha), 27 per cent of the land Marianneville Developments Limited is developing in Newmarket will now be parks, trails, open spaces or protected lands. These lands will provide residents additional open and greenspace, access to future trails, and recreational opportunities. At a later date, the Town will be installing a plaque within the green space to signify the land donation from Marianneville Developments Limited. 

For more information on the land donation, please view the Information Report 2017-13 – Land Donation – Marianneville.