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LETTER: Why not use your shovel to show a little kindness?

'Do something decent, and nice, and shovel a path through the deep snow' for your neighbour, says letter writer
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Many moons ago, all across all local TV stations, there was a public service announcement asking people to do a small task, if able, to make a small difference for your town, your neighbours.

In a time when snowblowers were not at almost every home, and folks didn't hire big rigs to clear their driveways, people hand-shovelled their walkways, driveways, and sidewalks — yes, sidewalks!

Even then, Ben Wicks could still be heard pleading for folks to: "Be nice, clear your ice" for the few that didn't make the effort. 

Now that it's so much easier to do, why is it so hard to do?

Is it a "not my job, that's the city's job?"

Or is it just a lack of consideration for letter carriers, the elderly, the kids going to school, the folks that are forced to walk on the road for a day, until the city gets there?

Or a bit of both?

How about, for Christmas, and then for 2023, take the two to 10 minutes to do something decent and "nice" and shovel a path through the deep snow, or tell the service you pay for clearing your drive that's part of the job.

I'm glad to say most of my neighbours make the effort, or others step in.

Probably won't be the best Christmas present anyone could ever get, but, I'm betting it would be appreciated.

Bit of kindness can't hurt, can it? 

Pat Reid