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LETTER: Remember This articles unearth surprising facts for Cane's great-grandson

History Hound Richard MacLeod's articles about one of Newmarket's most influential founding families are invaluable to the family today

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I am reaching out to NewmarketToday with a letter of thanks and appreciation. 

My name is William Cane. Howard Cane of Newmarket was my great-grandfather. I have recently been putting more time in to researching our family lineage.

I am very moved and appreciative to see all the various articles has on William, Henry S. and Howard Cane (via Remember This? series and others). 

It is wonderful to have come across this documentation done by Richard MacLeod and team. We never knew some of the facts in the articles. Truly invaluable information and imagery to me.

I was shocked to read that William and Henry S. Cane were devoted to the construction of Newmarket's first waterworks system. This almost knocked me off my chair to learn, as I am an owner of a watermain/sewer construction company in Toronto.  

Thanks again so very much for these works.

William Cane, President, Tor-Ex Infrastructure