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LETTER: Newmarket council more concerned about liability than residents' well-being

Loss of sleep due to train whistles likely impacting residents' long-term health, letter writer says
File photo/Kenneth Armstrong/Village Media

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Re: Letter to the editor, It would be 'nightmare' to hear train whistles blasting all day, May 6, 2022; Newmarket resident calls for end to loud train whistles at town crossings, Dec. 5, 2021

I have been reading with interest the calls for banning train whistles in Newmarket and council’s reluctance to pursue such a ban.

It appears that council is more concerned with liability than for the general health of its residents.

While the whistles are intended to avoid rail accidents it appears that none of the so-called experts give consideration to probable shortening of the lifespans of the general population as a result of interruption and loss of sleep.

Perhaps these so-called experts should compare the lives lost per year with the total  lifespans lost across the population of Newmarket as a result of sleep deprivation? I believe that the lifespans lost would far outweigh the lives lost by train accidents.

Brian Feherty, sleep-deprived Newmarket resident