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Newmarket Physicians & Surgeons

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ADAPT Physicians-Surgeons-Clinics
Advanced Cardiology Inc
All Med Health
Aurora Newmarket Family
Bayview Naturopathic Wellness
Bimpe Ayeni Plastic Surgeon
Bond Osteopathic Clinic
Borealis Naturopathic Health Centre
Brigitta's Home for Special Care
Cardiac Surgery Associates
Community Care
Cpap Direct
Dixon Medical Clinic
Dr. A Rajan
Dr. Alan Hess & Dr. Talvi Hess
Dr. Alex Gabor
Dr. Alfred Leung
Dr. Allan Hess
Dr. Allan Lossing
Dr. Alsahni Mazen
Dr. Andrade
Dr. Anne Fortier Obgyn
Dr. Ariane Chan
Dr. B Moon
Dr. Bimpe Ayeni
Dr. Boulos Family Physician
Dr. C J Symmes
Dr. C Rogakou
Dr. Claytus Davis, Ophthalmologist
Dr. D Campbell
Dr. D Murray Weingarten
Dr. D Rouselle
Dr. David Finkelstein
Dr. Deepka Gupta Vascular Surgeon / Phlebologist
Dr. Don Stevens
Dr. E Nabata
Dr. Eda Deliallisi
Dr. Eisenberg Howard
Dr. Eleonor Kopylenko Family Physician
Dr. G Chang
Dr. Gayle Kennedy-Climpson
Dr. H A Wong
Dr. H Pasternak
Dr. H Wang
Dr. Hana Weidenfeld
Dr. Ian Bell
Dr. Ian Soutter
Dr. Jack Barabtarlo
Dr. Janet Mackinnon
Dr. Jonh Randle Professional Medicine Corporation
Dr. Juta
Dr. K John Brown
Dr. K Larry Mark
Dr. K M Mulera
Dr. Kenneth Roberts D
Dr. Kristina Dervaitis
Dr. L Balogh
Dr. L Julius Toth
Dr. L Landecker Eye specialist
Dr. L Persyko
Dr. Linda Douville
Dr. Lynda McLean
Dr. M A Katz
Dr. M Aubrey
Dr. Mangel Ryan
Dr. Marina Boghossian Nd Naturopath
Dr. Matthew Laskin
Dr. Mohsen Kouchakan
Dr. Moiz Zafar
Dr. Mpc Olech V
Dr. N G Schep
Dr. Nooshin Samadi Md
Dr. Norman Kalyniuk
Dr. P C Garcia
Dr. P C Kenworthy
Dr. P Joutsi
Dr. Patrick Gamble
Dr. Paul Kutsukake
Dr. Peter Fried Medicine Professional Corporation
Dr. Peter Watt
Dr. R Paramsothy
Dr. Rania Rabie
Dr. Robin Walker
Dr. S Henein
Dr. S Padanilathu-Kumjummar - Family Physician
Dr. Samuel Wong
Dr. Sonia Cruickshanks
Dr. Stephen B Stokhl
Dr. Stephen Shue Wong
Dr. Stephen Yee
Dr. T J Bertoia
Dr. T J Choi
Dr. Tara Annesley - Naturopathic
Dr. V K Tikkanen
Dr. Vikas Tuli
Dr. W E Mandryk
Dr. Walsh & Mantay
Dr. Y Nikon
Heritage Lodge
Kirby Evans Medicine Prof Corp
Knight Casey Plastic Surgeon
Lodge Heritage
Muscleworks Newmarket
Newmarket Allergy Clinic
Newmarket Medical Centre
Newmarket Naturopathic
Ontario Shores
Pace Inc
Partners in Advanced Cardiac Evaluation
Piris Innovations
Rockwood Naturopathic Clinic In The Woods
Sheachia Professional Corp
Sm Baryshnik Mpc
Snarr Michelle & Oldridge Steve
South Lake Family Health Team
Sports Medicine Center of Excellence
Svystonyuk Inc
The Newmarket Cardiology Research Group
Trinity Medical And Travel Clinic
Vena Clinica
Victoria Olech Mpc
Vital Care Medical
York Medical
York Medical Weight Management Clinic
York Vein and Laser Clinic