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Aurora hosts official development camps partnered with Ontario Women’s Lacrosse (OWFL) and Redbirds Lacrosse


In a groundbreaking initiative, the Ontario Women’s Lacrosse (OWFL) organization has partnered with Redbirds Lacrosse and the Town of Aurora to host official development camps for future and current lacrosse officials. These camps were held on April 28 and May 11 at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex (AFLC) and the Lind Realty Team Sports Dome. The focus of these camps was to provide training and development opportunities for up-and-coming and returning officials.

"With the unwavering support of Town Staff, Aurora served as an exemplary host for our 2024 officiating clinics. Their commitment to gender equity and the advancement of women's athletics resonated deeply with us. We witnessed firsthand the Town's investment of time, energy, and resources into nurturing not only women's sports but also the growth of lacrosse. Grateful for such meaningful partnerships, we are confident that these clinics will mark a milestone in our journey towards excellence,” said Hanna Burnett, Ontario Women's Field Lacrosse (OWFL) Director of Officiating.

The partnership between OWFL, the Town and the Redbirds plays a crucial role in enhancing the skills and expertise of officials across the province. By committing to women in sport, this collaboration aligns seamlessly with Aurora’s Sport Plan. The goal is to create more similar partnerships with provincial sport and national sport organizations.

For the Aurora community, having these opportunities locally is essential. It allows aspiring officials to stay within their own Town while accessing valuable training and development opportunities. The Town of Aurora recognizes its responsibility in fostering leadership opportunities, and this initiative exemplifies impactful and intentional work through the work of the Sport Plan.

As lacrosse continues to grow, these development camps contribute significantly to the sport’s future success. Empowering officials, especially women, ensures a strong foundation for the game and promotes inclusivity within the lacrosse community. This partnership serves as a beacon of progress, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and investment in women’s sports.