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Aurora Celebrates National ‘AccessAbility’ Week

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This week is National AccessAbility Week, and the Town of Aurora is proud to celebrate and support equal access for all residents and visitors.

Over the past year, the Town has made significant strides in advancing accessibility and inclusivity, including:

  • Partnering with AccessNow to assess the accessibility of our facilities, trails and parks.
  • Hosting a Treat Accessibly initiative to encourage accessible Halloween options.
  • Buying ramps to make buildings more accessible for special events.

To promote inclusivity, the Town is excited to launch a new video series on accessibility. The videos feature Meredith and Max, who share their experiences and insights on accessibility at work and in outdoor spaces.

Watch Meredith’s Video to hear her thoughts on accessibility in the workplace. She believes its about creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued for their skills and talents. With eight years of experience serving the community, Meredith explains how the Town supports inclusivity and empowers its employees.

Watch Max’s Video to learn about the importance of accessible trails. For Max, trails represent freedom and inclusion. He discusses how the Town is working to make trails more accessible, highlighting the importance of inclusive, outdoor spaces.

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