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Top 3 seasonal tips to prepare your residential exterior for winter

Buchner Manufacturing says be prepared

As Canadians we tend to feel insulated from the extreme weather patterns creating havoc around the world as a result of climate change.

However, the damage recently caused in the Maritimes by Hurricane Fiona was a good reminder that extreme weather can hit anywhere at any time.

To keep your residence protected, Fall is a great time to take a look at your exterior to ensure it’s ready for seasonal changes in weather.

“Because of extreme weather patterns, it’s more important than ever to ensure the exterior products used on your home are good quality products,” suggests Anna Buchner, Marketing Manager of Buchner Manufacturing. “This is a great time of year to conduct any exterior home maintenance and prepare for winter.”

With that in mind, Buchner suggests that residential property owners consider three important areas when assessing the readiness of their home to face the snow, winds, and freezing temperatures synonymous with a Canadian winter.


“Starting with your eavestrough, take a look to see if there’s any debris clogging them and stopping the flow of water inside,” said Buchner.

“Look for any visual damage, like pieces falling offer or missing chunks. Those pieces should be replaced. Give the inside a thorough cleaning, then run water through them to make sure it’s going through the downspout and elbows properly. If you notice any water leaking out through cracks or holes replace or repair those pieces.”


Siding is a second area that should be inspected prior to winter, especially on homes with older siding panels or severely weathered pieces.

“Conduct a full visual inspection of your home’s siding,” said Buchner. “Check to see if there are any animals burrowed in there. Look for any broken or missing pieces. Fall is also a good time to give it a good cleaning so it’s good to go in the spring. Replace any missing pieces to ensure your home is protected from the elements this winter.”


Windows are the third area of exterior protection that needs to be inspected prior to the arrival of winter.

“Start by looking to ensure there are no cracks in the molding,” she said. “Check inside and outside to ensure there is no air loss. Condensation in the morning or cold spots around the windows are both good indications that air is passing through. Check for any seal that’s broken, and repair or replace caulking. Again, giving all your windows a good cleaning prior to winter is a good idea.”

Buchner suggested that outdated single pane windows should probably be replaced if you’re looking to maximize your heating efficiency during the cold winter months.

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