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The healthy secret about frozen food people in Newmarket should know

Are Canadians being kept in the dark about the food we eat?

There’s a secret that’s kept Canadians in the dark about the food we eat. 

When we enter the grocery store, which opens up to a colourful landscape of “fresh” fruits and vegetables, we often think this is where the healthiest food can be found. When searching for nutrient-packed greens for our smoothie, for example, we might not think the frozen vegetables in the freezer section could be a healthier option. It’s time to end that stigma.

Ever notice how the fruits you buy turn sometimes within days of buying them? Produce arriving at your local grocery store chain can often travel over 2,000 km before it reaches the aisles. To ensure it’s still edible when it arrives, many of those fruits and vegetables are picked before they’ve reached adequate ripeness. 

When produce is exposed to oxygen and light, which is inevitable in the shipping process, it loses its ability to retain water and therefore water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C evaporate from the fruit. This and other factors reduce the nutritive qualities of the food, making it much less likely to be nutritious at all by the time it reaches your blender. 

Frozen fruits and vegetables are filled with more nutrients and flavour than the produce section of your grocery store

Frozen organic fruits and vegetables, such as those used by Evive Nutrition, are picked at the optimal time of freshness and then flash frozen to lock all the goodness in. Every amazing nutrient you would have gained by picking the fruit off the vine is still there when it reaches you. The freezing process also allows for ingredients to be preserved without the need of additives or chemicals. 

Over the last two years the world has become super aware of our health and it’s increasingly important to ensure we’re getting adequate nutrition into our bodies. The dazzling colours of the produce aisle should no longer tempt us into thinking it's best for us. 

Evive makes smoothies simple, tasty, and nutritious – no blender needed

Evive flash freezes their fruits and vegetables into a puree form, perfectly breakable into your favourite smoothie container. There’s no added sugars and every product is gluten-free, GMO free, and as fresh as fruit and vegetables can get!

Once you’ve added your cubes to your container, simply add your favourite milk or liquid. 

There’s no blender needed. Instead, wait for the cubes to melt (it doesn’t take long!) and then shake or stir to blend. You can also use Evive in your desserts and well-loved recipes – wherever you need a nutrient rich kick! 

Check out these cool recipe ideas on Evive’s blog.

Evive offers a subscription based product box with free shipping so you can have your favourite smoothies delivered right to your door, but if you’re hoping to try it first, it’s available at many local grocery stores across the country – in the organic frozen aisle

Get started with your first Evive pack and save 30% by using the discount code VILLAGE30.