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Safety gear can be your superpower!

Get more done faster when you use the best safety gear for the job.

We’ve all been there: a job around the house or on the worksite needs to get done but we don’t feel like breaking out the safety gloves, the right footwear, or even eye protection.

The job is usually completed without incident, but the truth is it probably takes a lot longer or isn’t done as well because you’re being extra careful not to hurt yourself. It is a common story and one that Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for Newmarket’s International Safety, hears often from clients.

“Safety equipment is sometimes treated as a hindrance that gets in the way of the thing that you’re trying to do. In reality, it is actually the opposite. The right gear usually helps you get the job done faster,” explains Austin.

“The right safety equipment is almost like an enabler – almost like a superpower. Whether you are completing projects around the home or working at your day job, safety gear can help your productivity because you aren’t worried about your own safety and can focus your attention on the job at hand.”

Safe Toes and Sure Footing

Having a good pair of steel-toed boots can really help you get the job done quickly and without incident. They come in a wide range of styles and with varying features in addition to the steel toe, like puncture resistant, waterproof, winter use, extra padding, and electric shock resistant. You can even get low-cut safety shoes that are great for landscaping and smaller jobs around the house.

“I’ve even started doing yard work wearing my steel-toed shoes and I’m so much faster because I’m not worried about puncturing my foot or getting hurt by the weed wacker,” says Austin.

Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Protection

Safety gear doesn’t have to be cumbersome or an investment. There are quite a few simple solutions that don’t cost a lot, like face shields, sweatbands, and baseball cap inserts:

  • Lightweight face shields are fast to put on and make a big difference. It is much better to grab your eye protection before attempting a complicated project rather than trying to make an accurate cut through squinting eyes.
  • Avoid stinging eyes with an inexpensive sweatband that can help you get the job done faster and more comfortably.
  • An inexpensive insert for your baseball cap offers some head protection without having to wear a hardhat.

Choosing the Right Work Gloves for the Job

Another important piece of safety gear are your gloves. When your hands are protected, it frees you up to work quickly and efficiently. There are a number of different types of gloves that are designed for specific hazards. For example, puncture proof gloves are perfect for individuals who work in unpredictable situations. There are also gloves that offer impact and cut resistance and specialty gloves that are used by folks who work with electricity.

“When you wear the right gloves that are designed for the task, you can confidently get the job done quickly. You don’t have to be as careful avoiding nails or other hazards when you can rely on your protective equipment to keep you safe,” says Austin.

He continues, “These safety options are generally inexpensive, and they all make a big difference in how efficiently and accurately you can get your job done.”

To learn more about safety gear, visit International Safety online. As always, they offer free local delivery for orders of any size.