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Prioritize wellness with a recliner that elevates comfort and health during the holidays

Zero Gravity and massage functions reduce stress on your back and are great for circulation

As the crisp air of the holiday season sets in, the quest for relaxation and wellness takes centre stage in our homes.

The Chesterfield Shop, Ontario's premier seating specialist, offers a range of recliners that blend comfort with health benefits, perfect for festive relaxation.

Join Us in Celebrating Wellness This Holiday Season

As we embrace the holiday spirit, The Chesterfield Shop invites you to experience the wellness and joy of owning a recliner that offers more than just a place to sit.

It’s a haven for relaxation, a retreat for rejuvenation, and proof of our unwavering commitment to your comfort and health. Visit our showrooms or explore our offerings online, and let us help you find the perfect recliner to make your festive season both relaxing and healthful.

Zero Gravity and Massage: The Ultimate Relaxation Duo

At the heart of our wellness-focused collection are recliners featuring Zero Gravity and massage functions. The Zero Gravity recliners, a marvel in ergonomic design, allow you to recline in a position where your feet are elevated above your heart.

This unique position significantly reduces stress on the back and enhances circulation, offering a sanctuary of comfort for those with back or joint pain. Imagine unwinding after a long day, with your body perfectly aligned in a state of weightlessness, as the recliner's massage function gently eases away the tensions of the day.


Performance Fabrics: Style Meets Functionality

While our recliners are about unparalleled comfort, they are also about enduring style and practicality. Upholstered in high-quality performance fabrics, these chairs resist stains and spills, ensuring they retain their aesthetic appeal through the rigours of everyday life.

Whether you opt for the sleekness of sumptuous leathers or the warmth of plush fabrics, these recliners promise to be a focal point in your living space.

Beyond Comfort: Lift Chairs for Enhanced Support

Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, The Chesterfield Shop offers lift chairs that provide maximum comfort and ease of use, particularly beneficial for individuals requiring extra support.

With electronic lift capabilities, these chairs gently guide the user from a seated to a standing position, making them an essential addition to any home where mobility is a consideration.


Customization at Its Best

True to our commitment to personalization, every recliner in our collection can be customized to suit your individual style and comfort preferences. From manual to power-operated models, with optional add-ons like cup-holders and adjustable headrests and footrests, we ensure that your recliner is not just a piece of furniture, but a reflection of your lifestyle.

Come and see for yourself

Visit The Chesterfield Shop showrooms to get a real feel for our recliners. Sit in them, touch them, and experience their comfort firsthand. This in-store experience is what we're all about, offering something beyond what you see online.

See for yourself why our recliners are perfect for your holiday relaxation and health.