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How to get the compensation you deserve from an uninsured car accident

Cover financial losses related to the accident by following these actionable steps
Seek the best compensation to cover financial losses related to the accident. Credit: SDI Productions/iStock.

A vehicle accident is already traumatic, but finding out that the other driver was not insured only adds more stress. 

Here are some actionable tips to get the best compensation to help cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses related to the accident.

First things first, get medical attention

It is essential to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. This ensures that you receive help for any injuries that you might have sustained. Quick treatment can reduce or eventually eliminate medical problems that are a direct result of the accident. Since a car crash also causes legitimate emotional trauma, do not hesitate to contact a therapist.

Another important step is to document your medical journey as thoroughly as possible. A complete collection of documented injuries and medical bills is crucial to submitting a personal injury claim.

Gather information about the accident

Start by gathering the other party’s information. Make sure that you get their name, the model of their vehicle, and the licence plate number. If you cannot manage to do so personally, contact the police station that was involved and request the details, stating that they are for insurance claim purposes. 

It is important not to enter into any negative or angry interactions with the other driver, even when they are being uncooperative. Not only will this add more stress to the situation, but it will not move your case forward. Instead, focus on getting the facts of the accident and the law behind you.

Next, take the time to document the condition of your own vehicle in as much detail as you can. It is usually sufficient to take photos of the damage, but you can also get an assessment of costs from a vehicle repair shop and add that document to your claim.

Another important aspect of the accident are witnesses. If there were any people present who saw what happened, be sure to get their contact details. They might be contacted by your legal representative to submit statements that support your claim.

Contact your insurance company

Once you have gathered all the information about the accident, you need to contact your own insurance company to see if they will cover the expenses. All Canadian provinces have mandatory automobile insurance that includes “Uninsured Automobile Coverage” (UAC). This is a very useful coverage as it will provide compensation for your damages, even when the other driver was not insured.

However, UAC does not always cover all costs of an accident. The cover is limited to a maximum payout of $200,000. So, what can you do if you sustain damages that total more than $200,000? In most cases, you can recover any additional damages by getting a personal injury lawyer on your side to file a claim against the other driver.

The benefits of legal assistance

There is no reason why you cannot file a claim on your own. But you might soon find yourself in a maze of legal jargon and actions, and sometimes insurance companies want to settle for a low payout–or worse, they find some reason to invalidate your claim. This not only wastes your time and causes more stress, but you could potentially end up losing a lot of money.

A better route is to bring a personal injury lawyer on board as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can assess the situation to find all the different types of compensation that you might qualify for. They will look at things like lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

A personal injury lawyer is extremely valuable when your insurance company attempts to settle for less than you deserve or tries to disqualify your claim completely. A legal representative can negotiate a fair settlement. 

If you are attempting to cover damages by taking legal action against the other driver, an attorney can streamline the process by investigating the validity of this action and then take steps to ensure you have the best chance of winning the case.

If you’ve suffered a vehicle accident recently or any other type of injury that requires compensation to cover the costs of medical bills and lost work, contact Grillo Law, a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers who believe in your right to get the compensation that you deserve.