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Embracing technology: Local safety supplier gains national reach

International Safety uses cutting edge technology while staying firmly rooted in their business traditions

International Safety, a local Newmarket company, has been in the safety supply business for 30 years. These days, they supply individuals, companies, first responders, and governments here in Ontario and across Canada with the essential tools and equipment that help people stay safe.

The business has embraced technology in order to keep their business growing, but they haven’t strayed from their values. They remain passionate about keeping their customers’ safety at the forefront.

Digital Technology Allows for Growth

In order to expand nationally and serve as many Canadians as possible, the team at International Safety has created a powerful proprietary ecommerce platform. They needed technology that was easy to use for their customers but could also streamline tasks in the warehouse, so they developed their own.

“We are very aware of the technology landscape and pre-made ecommerce interfaces, but we needed something that would serve our customers and our company better,” explains Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative at International Safety.

The company’s ecommerce platform combines the ease and convenience of online shopping with the traditional connection to the company. “Even though the technology is there to make shopping online simple, our team is right there still offering the service that we are known for,” says Austin. “For example, we even offer a reminder service. For some products that require routine inspections, our customers can sign up to receive an email reminding them to check their equipment to make sure they are still in good working order.”

Moving Online a Hard Choice That Paid Off

A more difficult decision for the leadership at International Safety was to no longer offer in-person shopping. Instead, local residents can order online and have their products delivered for free, sometimes in just a few hours for in-stock products.

“We’ve been able to invest in technology because we’ve taken some bold positions, like not reopening our physical storefront after the pandemic. It was tough and we got a few raised eyebrows, but now we have been able to focus on expanding into a national company,” says Austin. “At the same time, we have been able to maintain a personal connection with our local community by offering free local delivery, often on the same day.”

Staying True to Their Values

Even though International Safety’s business model has evolved to include cutting-edge technology, they are still firmly planted in traditional business values. They continue to consult in-person with organizations who require assistance with their overall safety planning.

“We still do consultations, facility walk-throughs, and safety audits for organizations that need those services. In this way, we are still very traditional in the way that we are able to serve our customers face-to-face,” says Austin.

To learn more about what they have to offer or to take advantage of their free local delivery, visit International Safety online.