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Beyond steel-toe: Choosing the right footwear for the job

Local Newmarket e-commerce retailer provides area residents with a wide selection of safety footwear

When we think of safety shoes, steel toed boots usually come to mind. In fact, there are a huge range of protective work boots and shoes available. I recently chatted with Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for local supplier International Safety, about the many different types of safety footwear that are available.

“Not all boots are created equally. There are different kinds and different styles. Some of the boots that are meant for chemical protection are single use. Others are meant to protect from multiple hazards. And then there are the multi-purpose steel-toed boots that most people are familiar with,” says Austin. “Even these more common types come in a variety of styles like low profile or higher rises.”

Job Specific Work Boots

Many jobs require a specialized boot in order to keep you as safe as possible. For example, forestry spiked boots are essential in the deep woods while a lightweight boot like Steplight X Safety boots are great for farming and horticulture.

The weather matters, as well. Cold, wet feet when working outdoors can really hinder your job performance. Some waterproof styles have optional linings that can change with the seasons so you are never left with cold toes or hot feet.

“In some cases, simple removable accessories like metatarsal protectors or cleats can modify a boot to ensure it is as safe as possible for a particular job site,” explains Austin.

Dual Purpose Safety

In some highly specialized industries, protective footwear with multiple safety features are needed. “For example, there are some situations where you would need protection from both impacts and electrical currents. In these cases, we suggest boots with a composite metatarsal protection that doesn’t conduct electricity instead of steel-toed boots”, says Austin. “We even carry boots that provide protection against molten metals, resist welding sparks, but are still breathable.”

Some safety footwear choices are resistant to oil, chemicals, abrasion, heat, and slips while offering great foot support.

Convenience of Local E-Commerce

Choosing the right type of safety boots can be tricky, especially when shopping online. Luckily, International Safety is a local Newmarket business that offers online customer service through a chat function on their website, free local delivery, and easy returns to the store.

“We also offer an in-store pickup as long as the items are in stock,” says Austin. “In the delivery address field, simply type in our address, 355 Harry Walker Pkwy N, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B3, make a note in the comment field that you’d like to pick it up, and we’ll let you know when your order is ready. You can also easily do in-person returns if you need to swap for another size or style of footwear.”

For more information about safety footwear, visit International Safety online.