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YRP project to tackle street racing, stunt driving

Police to patrol via helicopter, on ground to find vehicles setting up for races

York Regional Police is launching its seasonal project ERASE to tackle street racing and stunt driving on Ontario roads this summer. 

"It’s that time of the year where modified vehicles begin to roll out on the roads, and some drivers seem to think that they can use our streets as their personal racetrack," YRP said in a media release.

To combat this, YRP's Road Safety Bureau, along with other police fores across Ontario, are kicking off Project ERASE — Eliminate Racing Activities on Streets Everywhere. As part of this project, the YRP helicopter will be patrolling from the air and officers on the ground will be looking for vehicles getting set up to race, driving excessively fast, or that are unsafe.

"Excessive speed has consistently been a contributing factor in many fatal collisions that have occurred on York Region roads," police said. "Street racers put themselves and unsuspecting road users at risk of death or serious injury when they choose to disobey traffic laws and drive without due care and control and with a disregard for public safety." 

Unlawful driving not only puts people at risk for injury or death but can also result in fines, jail, vehicle seizure or loss of driving privileges. 

Anyone who sees dangerous driving is asked to call 9-1-1. Police say to note the vehicle's location, direction it's travelling, make, model, and colour, and license plate if possible. 

Project ERASE is run annually during the summer season. 



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