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New stock of Faraday bags available at York Region police stations

After giving out over 21,000 Faraday bags as part of Operation Auto Guard, York Regional Police will be providing more to the public to protect against car theft
2021 09 09 York Regional Police car stock(1)
York Regional Police vehicle.

York Regional Police will continue to give out Faraday bags as part of its public outreach with Operation Auto Guard.

Operation Auto Guard is a multifaceted crime prevention campaign that will target high-end auto thefts in York Regional Police’s ongoing enforcement efforts.

The campaign includes data-driven solutions, targeted community engagement, and police will be giving away crime prevention tools, such as Faraday bags, to help residents avoid becoming victims of vehicle theft.

After giving out more than 21,000 Faraday bags, York Regional Police have decided to continue to do so after the public support for the initiative.

"FARADAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! After an overwhelming response from the public regarding Operation Auto Guard and our Faraday bag giveaway, we’ve now got a fresh supply ready to go out,” York Regional Police posted on social media. “Need one? Please visit your local YRP district police station.”

Faraday bags are for storing key fobs for keyless vehicles. They block electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by keyless entry systems, and are recommended with the increase in theft of keyless vehicles.

Bags are only available at district stations, find the nearest one here.