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York Support Services Network rebrands with new name, logo

Aurora-based organization now called Your Support Services Network
Your Support Services Network, formerly known as York Support Services Network, has a new brand.

Your Support Services Network (YSSN) has launched a new brand to better reflect its clientele as well as vision, mission and guiding principles.

Formerly named York Support Services Network, YSSN is a hub for developmental, mental health and children’s services, according to a news release.

The organization connects people with the services and supports they need to achieve their goals and live a meaningful life.

“We are thrilled to announce our new brand that truly represents who we are, what we aim to achieve and our commitment to the people and communities we support,” said Kimberly Thorn, YSSN executive director.

YSSN is now showcasing a new logo, name, and brand colours as part of its rebranding project following the development of a new strategic plan.

The new logo starts by celebrating the individual, who represents Your, drawing in positivity with open arms. The individual is where it all begins and the why behind the organization. Together as a community, we are here celebrating each unique journey.

The brand colours are also changing to a reflection of positivity and joy. The blue gives our logo a strong and stable foundation. The green represents growth, renewal, and safety. The teal is a symbol of reflection and sincerity. The purple inspires and represents each person’s spiritual and emotional journey.

It’s a rewarding time for the organization that spent months working on its rebranding, which included collaboration, feedback and participation from staff, management, the board of directors, and the community under the guidance of VS Marketing — an Ontario-based branding agency, the organization stated.

Based in Aurora, YSSN’s new tagline is, “It’s your journey, it’s your way.”