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Water remains safe during Newmarket's annual water main flushing

Some residents could get temporary discolouration, reduced water pressure, town says
The Town of Newmarket is conducting water main cleaning program starting June 3.

Newmarket residents will soon see flushing at fire hydrants as the municipality begins its annual water main cleaning program June 3.

The Town of Newmarket will be uni-directional flushing where the water mains are located, doing sequences from one fire hydrant to another. The contractor IQ Environmental will start from the Mulock Drive and Davis Drive area before proceeding to the central western part of town.

“Uni-directional flushing is considered a best practice in preserving high-quality water and maintaining the reliability of the water distribution infrastructure in the municipal and regional water system,” the municipality said in a news release.

The town said that most residents should not notice any changes to their water delivery. However, in some instances, homes may experience lower water pressure and/or discolouration of water.

But the discolouration is not a health hazard, the town said. Residents can generally run their faucets for a short time until the water is clear. 

During the process, residents can also see the water getting flushed out of hydrants, with the aim to help dislodge and remove mineral deposits, biofilm and sediment that accumulate in watermains.

Should any water discolouration persist, you should contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193. You can also find more information on the town website.

“The town appreciates the cooperation and understanding of its residents during this program, and we thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this program may cause,” the municipality said on its website.