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Town of Newmarket readies to demolish ruined Carpet One building

Building has been in ruins after second fire in July
Pre-demolition work has started on the Carpet One building.

The rubble left behind after two fires at the Carpet One Building on Davis Drive could soon be no more as demolition work gets underway.

The Town of Newmarket confirmed it has hired a contractor to begin the pre-demolition process for the building, with equipment now on site. Demolition of the ruined building will occur shortly after that pre-demolition work is completed, the town said.

“Newmarket continues to work with the property owner to seek compliance,” the municipality said.

The town has sought action on the property for months. The business closed amidst the pandemic before a fire ruined its roof in June 2022. After the town issued a building order for Albert Klein Horsman to either make repairs or demolish the building in April 2023, another fire destroyed the rest of the building in July, which York Regional Police suspect was an arson done by four teenagers

The order from the town of April states that if the property owner does not take action, the town will do the demolition and place liens for the cost of demolition work, including all administration fees. 

The order declared that due to the damage from the June 2022 fire, “the building and surrounding area is hereby declared structurally inadequate and unsafe for any use or occupation.” 

The building has been on Davis at Main Street for decades, with a mural decorating one side. 

NewmarketToday did not receive a reply to a request for comment from the property owners before publication.

Several residents have complained about the continued state of the building.

“Something needs to be done and soon, with the mess of rubble on the main thoroughfare through town,” one resident said on social media Sept. 22. “It’s been 15 months since the first and two months since the second fire, should have been cleaned up eons ago.”

“It’s not a good look for Newmarket,” another resident said.