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Region's crews expect to fill 50,000 potholes this year

You can report a pothole on a regional road by telephone or mobile app
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It’s the time of year when temperatures rise above and below zero degrees and the roads we travel on, like the natural environment, experience freeze and thaw cycles. Potholes are formed when water below the road surface freezes and expands, stressing the pavement.

When the water thaws and the pavement settles again, gaps often form on the road surface. The weight of vehicles on the road and weather conditions alone can cause these gaps to break open.

During the spring, filling potholes is a top priority for Regional road crews. Road patrollers look for potholes every day of the week, logging locations of concern, reporting back and dispatching crews. The Regional road network consists of more than 4,200 lane kilometres and crews work around the clock, repairing hundreds of potholes a day.

From January to March 2019, 8,000 pothole repairs have been made on regional roads, with more than 3,000 repairs made these past two weeks. Overall, crews expect to fill 50,000 potholes this year.

York Region is also working proactively to prevent potholes, making significant investments to rehabilitate and preserve roads, extend life cycle, prevent maintenance issues and provide high-quality service for travellers.

Information about current and planned road improvement projects is available on the Road Construction Schedule page, listed by town or city.

To report a pothole on a regional road, contact roads dispatch at 1-877-464-9675, ext. 75200 or use the York Region mobile app, available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.