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Newmarket sells out new sidewalk snow marker program

Markers to help increase visibility for the town’s operators when plowing sidewalks, reduce the potential damage to sod
2021-11-25 - Newmarket Sidewalk Markers

On November 25, the Town of Newmarket launched a pilot Sidewalk Snow Marker program offering free sidewalk snow markers to residents while quantities last. The Town received an overwhelming response from residents and "sold out" overnight. Sign up is now closed. All orders placed will be fulfilled.

The Town thanks everyone for their participation in this pilot program for Winter 2021/22.  The data gathered on the success of this pilot will help determine plans to reduce sod damage in coming years. The Sidewalk Snow Marker pilot will help increase visibility for the town's operators when plowing sidewalks and help reduce the potential damage to sod on residents' properties. 

For more tips on how to protect your sod this winter, and more information on sidewalk snow clearing in Newmarket visit

For a list of frequently asked questions related to snow clearing operations, please visit


Why install sidewalk snow markers?
Sidewalk snow markers (a.k.a. snow stakes) are thin poles you insert into the ground to identify edges of your lawn that become covered by snow during the winter. These snow markers act as visual aids/guides for sidewalk snow plow operators when plowing the sidewalk in your neighbourhood. Having a visual aid will signal to the operator where the edge of your lawn is, ultimately helping to reduce damage to the sod that can be made by the sidewalk snow plow. Sidewalk snow markers will significantly help snow plow operators due to low visibility during inclement weather.

Where to install sidewalk snow markers? 
The installation of the sidewalk snow markers depends on the layout of your property. Generally, residents can install these markers 8cm (3 inches) from the edge of the sidewalk and along your property (4.5m/15ft. apart) where a sidewalk snow plow could potentially damage your sod. It is recommended that residents install the sidewalk markers as soon as possible before the ground becomes frozen.

Property owners can also help further protect their property by edging their sod and ensuring landscape features are not hanging over the sidewalk. The Town recommends having landscape features set at least 18 inches back from the sidewalk edge. This distance creates a safety zone for pedestrians that may need to step off the sidewalk, as well as keeping the operator and your property safe. ​