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Ontario reports 59 deaths, 501 COVID patients in ICU

Saturday's report includes 2,634 people in hospital testing positive for COVID-19

Editor's Note: This is an updated version of this story.

On Feb. 5, Public Health Ontario is reporting 2,493 COVID-positive patients in hospital and 501 people in intensive care units with COVID.

There are also 3,204 new COVID cases, although new case counts are underestimated as testing is limited. 

The Feb. 5 updates provided by the province's public health agency and the ministry of health also reported the following data:


  • 4,642 recoveries and 59 deaths since yesterday's report. 
  • Among the new cases confirmed today are 497 unvaccinated people, 126 partially vaccinated people, and 2,233 fully vaccinated people. 
  • Lab-confirmed testing is mostly limited to Indigenous people, hospitalized people, and those who live or work in high-risk congregate care settings. As such a majority of the people being tested are fully vaccinated as per provincial or workplace mandatory vaccine policies.


  • 2,493 people are in hospital testing positive for COVID-19. Of those, 54 per cent were hospitalized because of COVID-19 and the other 46 per cent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for COVID. 
  • There are 501 patients in Ontario ICUs with COVID. Of those, 80 per cent were admitted because of COVID-19 and the other 20 per cent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for COVID.
  • There are 281 COVID patients on ventilators.
  • Not all hospitals report on weekends, so hospitalization numbers are incomplete on Sunday and Monday.

Public Health Ontario has confirmed 1,051,174 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic and reported 1,002,880 recoveries and 11,770 deaths.