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Newmarket's NewMakeIt offers pottery artisans new place to create

The local makerspace has added pottery and ceramics to its list of offerings to the community

NewMakeIt has added pottery and ceramics to its list of offerings. Thanks to the generous donation of a pottery kiln, coupled with a significant investment from York Region Makers, local artisans now have a place to create. 

Additionally, NewMakeIt is offering beginner and intermediate pottery workshops in wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing. 

“The response to adding this functionality to NewMakeIt has been fantastic,” says Ryan Dibisch, executive director of NewMakeIt and York Region Makers. “There is a lack of space for artisans in York Region. There is no community space available for people interested in learning or creating pottery.”

People can come to the workshops, or for around $20/mo., they can utilize the tools and equipment to create whatever they like.  

NewMakeIt has hired two pottery instructors, Katie Argyle of the Hill Potters’ Guild and Catherine Harasymiw, a local studio owner, to instruct the pottery workshops and assist new members and enthusiasts in getting started.

NewMakeIt is a non-profit community makerspace that offers workshops, tools and equipment and workspace to the community. NewMakeIt provides resources to allow the community to grow, create and learn.  Learn more by going to or emailing