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Newmarket rockers headline Gussapolooza Music Festival in Cookstown

Festival will feature musical performances from emerging artistic, art installations, workshops, comedy shows, and much more
The 2022 Gussapolooza Music Festival.

Newmarket rockers Shoemaker Levee, along with Toronto’s The Human Drive and Thornton songstress Francesca Pennetta —the grand award winners from last year — are headlining the Gussapolooza Music Festival in September.

The celebration of independent music, art and creativity, set against the picturesque backdrop of Cookstown, is dedicated to promoting emerging artists from diverse genres, cultivating a vibrant community of music lovers, and providing a platform for artists and creators to network and collaborate, according to a news release.

"At the heart of Gussapolooza's mission is the commitment to empower and promote emerging artists from all walks of life and help discover the next big names in music. Each year hundreds of bands and artists submit from every corner of North America for a chance to shine on the prestigious Cookstown stages."

Gussapolooza is more than just a music festival, organizers said.

"It's a thriving community that fosters connections and collaborations among artists and creators. Filmmakers, visual artists, and innovative minds of all backgrounds are encouraged to join us and expand their networks. In recognition of the creative spirit, special discounts are available for creators and art students who seek to explore new horizons, share their talents, and connect with like-minded individuals."

"We believe that Gussapolooza is a catalyst for discovery and collaboration," said Valerie Robson, one of the main organizers of the Gussapolooza Music Festival. "Our goal is to bring together a passionate community of music enthusiasts who relish the thrill of discovering new artists and bands. We want to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their music, foster meaningful connections with new fans and network with creators from various disciplines."   

In addition to the exceptional musical performances, Gussapolooza offers a plethora of experiences, including art installations, workshops and comedy shows. The festival invites interesting vendors who align with its mission to create a memorable experience for attendees.

Gussapolooza Music Festival takes place Sept. 15 to 17 at the Georgian Bay Steam Show Grounds in Cookstown. 

Tickets for Gussapolooza Music Festival are available now, and early RV camping site booking is strongly encouraged due to the limited number of available power sites. 

For more information, ticket details, lineup announcements and to be part of the Gussapolooza community, visit Follow the festival on social media @Gussapolooza for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the festival's vibrant world.