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Newmarket chiropractor releases book as resource for better living

Dr. Danielle Warner releases new book, The Vitality Shift, to help provide foundational pieces for better living
Dr. Daniell Warner (bottom left) with her team at Foster Family Chiropractic in Newmarket.

Dr. Danielle Warner didn’t set out to write a book.

The chiropractor and owner of Foster Family Chiropractic in Newmarket, 16945 Leslie St., had been thinking for years about pulling together all of the strategies and tips she recommends to practice members.

She wanted to have it all in one place and handy for clients to be able to access as a trusty resource. Initially she thought having a physical copy of what she preaches would be great for clients and she was planning to create a booklet.

“I just wanted people to have an easy reference,” she said. “Then I thought maybe I’d do an eBook and then I reached out to a friend who connected me with another friend who had published a book.”

From there, it all just began falling into place as Warner began pulling together everything she wanted in the book. She already had all the information mapped out in her head because she knew exactly what she’d love to have in the book since it’s exactly the information she tries to inform her clients about when working with them.

“It kind of just rolled out from there,” she said.

Now available, writing The Vitality Shift was less overwhelming than Warner was expecting because she had been gathering the information for years with plans to put it together in some format.

“Honestly, I had a lot of help to really bring it all together,” she said. “The most challenging part of it was finding the time. I ended up hiding out for a couple weekends and getting away from my other responsibility to really get it all together.”

Warner has been working as a chiropractor for 18 years and works with a lot of families in the community. She’s wellness based and has worked on building a practice focused on a two-way partnership.

“Coming in and working on the nervous system and removing interference is one step, but what else can we do so that when a client comes to see me they say they’re feeling great,” she said. 

Once a client starts feeling better and moving well and they’ve worked through patterns that have blocked them in the first place, she wants them to be able to maintain and optimize their bodies functioning.

Warner says that when clients first come in there’s usually something specific, but once they’ve worked through what motivated them to come through the door, the thought process shifts to finding how they be empowered to enhance their lives on their own.

“I’d rather see people less often and in a much more vital state over a longer period of time to help support them long-term,” she said. 

That foundational piece is a key tenant of Warner’s because she says she wants her clients to feel great all the time and not just temporarily after coming in to work with her. That idea of having a long-term plan to help her clients was really where the passion for the book came from.

“The nervous system is my love language so there’s educational pieces in the book that goes through my core beliefs,” she said. “The book is set up with 10 key strategies looking at foundational stuff like movements, nutritional support, ergonomics. I just want people to have that reference point and resource.”

Copies of The Vitality Shift can be purchased at Foster Family Chiropractic.