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Nature Conservancy adds to its list of Nature Destinations

Nature Destinations are stunning properties NCC has protected through land donations or has purchased for conservation
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If you are looking for things to see and do over this summer, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has some ideas and inspiration to spend time outdoors.

The not-for profit, private land conservation organization has expanded its network of Nature Destinations to 36 sites. 

Included are the Hazel Bird Nature Reserve in Harwood; North Bear Alvar (Carden) near Orillia; Backus Woods in Norfolk County and the Big Trout Bay Nature Reserve near Thunder Bay.

Nature Destinations are stunning properties NCC has protected through land donations or has purchased for conservation. NCC has invested in making these areas more accessible for public use and enjoyment. provides detailed information on all locations, including interactive maps, species to spot, trail information, tips on what to bring to enhance your experience and easy-to-follow directions.

NCC is the only land trust in the country to offer access to a network of privately protected lands, coast to coast.

“Long weekends are an ideal time to unwind, recharge and recreate, and spending time outdoors is proven to help. We are pleased to share these select sites to help Canadians of all levels of ability and experience to connect with nature,” said Erica Thompson, NCC’s director of engagement.

“The 'great outdoors' brings families and friends together, and can provide a greater personal appreciation of nature and the importance of caring for these special places.”

NCC is encouraging people to explore these Nature Destinations, both on the ground and online, in all 10 provinces. People can experience a variety activities from hiking, walking, canoeing, kayaking, photography and wildlife appreciation.

From Victoria to St. John’s, there are a blend of natural areas that are accessible in both urban and rural areas for people to take advantage of.

NCC has several goals with its Nature Destinations program. It hopes to get people outside so they can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of being active in nature.

The organization also hopes that people will gain an appreciation for the ecological benefits that nature offers, such as clean air and water, and the importance of conserving nature for future generations. 

From indoor enthusiasts to nature lovers and everyone in between, NCC wants to make the outdoors more accessible to people. In preparation for going to one of the Nature Destinations, you are also encouraged to visit and take our new, fun six-question online Nature Quiz and receive a Nature Score, which will show how connected you are to nature.

Once you receive your Nature Score, sign up for Nature Coach, and receive email tips for a happier, healthier life by incorporating time in the outdoors.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada wishes to acknowledge Kruger Products for its support of the Nature Destinations program. NCC also recognizes the Government of Canada for its contributions to help conserve many of these sites via funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the nation’s leading not-for-profit, private land conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the species they sustain. To learn more, visit