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Help Newmarket hero George Markow celebrate his 100th birthday

Sending a birthday card to the senior who raised more than $160,000 for medical research will boost his spirits after many months in isolation and help mark the April 14 milestone
2021 03 26 George Markow 100th birthday
After months in isolation at his Newmarket retirement home, George Markow would welcome your best wishes for a very big birthday coming up on April 14.

The heroic Newmarket senior who raised more than $160,000 for medical research in 2020 could now use a little something in return.  

With just weeks to go until George Markow’s milestone 100th birthday on April 14, Markow’s daughter Sylvia Perkins is appealing to the community to send him birthday cards.

“As we will not be able to have a major celebration at that time, I do have a favour to ask. If anyone is willing, could you please send a birthday card to honour him on his special day? It would mean the world to him,” wrote Perkins on Markow’s GoFundMe page. “He is very humble, and does not feel worthy, but I do know that it would thrill him to no end.” 

The 99-year-old Second World War veteran made national headlines when he embarked on a 100-kilometre fundraising walk around his Newmarket retirement home last April. Hoping to raise $100,000 for Southlake Regional Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Action Fund and the Sunnybrook Research Institute before his 100th birthday, Markow shattered all goals when he first surpassed the 100- km mark in September, and the $100,000 fundraising goal through direct and GoFundMe donations in December. 

Walking to this day, Markow has gone on to complete an incredible 150 km.

Being isolated at the Roxborough Retirement Residence to ensure the safety of himself and other residents has been hard for Markow, wrote Perkins. He “eagerly waits for his daily mail in hopes of another card arriving,” while opening cards are the “the highlight of his day.”

“With only one month until his 100th birthday this April 14, he is concerned about being alone. He actually asked me to bring him a bottle of champagne so that he can pop it and have a celebratory drink in his room, alone. Hearing him say those words instantly brought tears to my eyes,” wrote Perkins.

Receiving cards from a Grade 3 class thanking him for his service in the war was enough to bring tears of happiness to Markow’s eyes, said Perkins. She’s hopeful that birthday cards will provide the same mood-boosting effect.

“Both of us are so thankful and appreciative for your kind and thoughtful gestures...they mean more than you could ever know!”

Please mail birthday cards to: 

George Markow
1 Roxborough Rd., Suite 324
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 2P8