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Georgina home business closed for food safety violations

Go with the Wind was closed by York Region Public Health inspectors for infractions that included unlabelled/unstamped meat
2022 05 26 york food inspection

A Georgina home food business was closed temporarily by York Region Public Health inspectors last week.

Go with the Wind at 3526 Pollock Rd. was ordered to close on May 24 for operating in a manner permitting a health hazard and having an inadequate supply of potable water for the food premise, according to a public health inspection report.

A complaint was made about the establishment, prompting an investigation. 

The report notes a list of noncompliance items that includes equipment used for refrigeration that contains accurate indicating thermometers, fail to provide handwashing stations that are conveniently accessible by food handlers, fail to provide an adequate number of handwashing stations, fail to provide adequate potable water supply, fail to obtain food from an inspected source, fail to ensure food premises is free from unlabelled meat/unstamped meat, fail to ensure facility surface cleaned/sanitized as necessary, fail to clean/sanitize utensils as often as necessary, fail to provide equipment for cleaning and sanitizing utensils as required, fail to provide equipment for cleaning and sanitizing utensils as required, fail to ensure presence of certified food handler or supervisor during all hours of operation and fail to provide a supply of water adequate for the operation of the premises. 

Food handler education was conducted on-site, food and water samples were taken, a verbal order was issued, and the establishment was told to close.

York Region Public Health states the inspection report represents the condition of the restaurants at the date and time of the inspection only and does not guarantee or warrant the condition of the food premises at any other time.

For more information on the above charges, contact York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653, TTY 1-866-512-6228, or email [email protected]