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Foster family info night welcomes you to open your heart, home

Foster Family Appreciation Week, running Oct. 14 to 20, highlights important role families play in caring for community's most vulnerable children. York CAS hosts info night Oct. 17.

In celebration of Foster Family Appreciation Week, running from Oct. 14 to 20, York Region Children’s Aid Society will host a foster parent information night to anyone interested in providing children and youth with a stable, supportive and nurturing home.

The session takes place on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at the society’s Richmond Hill office, 120 East Beaver Creek Rd., Suite 301.

In collaboration with the Foster Parent Society of Ontario, eight children’s aid societies in southern Ontario pay homage to the important role foster families play in caring for a community’s most vulnerable children.

Foster families are a diverse community of caregivers, opening their hearts and homes to children and youth who are unable to live at home with their families because they are at risk of harm or their families are temporarily unable to care for them, states the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

The Toronto agency said there is a critical need for more foster parents in all communities, including York Region, to ensure children and youth have a safe, stable home in their community, especially older youth, children with complex needs, and sibling groups.

For more information about becoming a foster family and York Region Children’s Aid Society, visit here