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Chamber's #25tothrive urges you to shop Newmarket

Take the pledge, spend $25 at a local independent business to support your community, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce says
2019 12 06 Chamber CEO Tracy Walter
Newmarket Chamber of Commerce CEO Tracy Walter kicks off the #25tothrive campaign with her own purchase at a local independent business. Supplied photo/Newmarket Chamber of Commerce


Maybe you’ve got stocking stuffers to buy, a hostess gift to grab, or a birthday to shop for… whatever the occasion, you likely have a few things to pick up between now and the end of the year. Rather than head online, why not take a moment to explore all the terrific options in Newmarket instead? 

That’s the idea behind the #25tothrive pledge. We’re encouraging people to spend $25 (or whatever you can) at a local independent business. Shopping locally has so many benefits, including keeping more money flowing in Newmarket’s economy. Consider this: Newmarket has more than 28,000 households. If each household spent just $25 at a local independent business that would amount to more than $700,000!

Local matters. Business owners and operators, many of whom live here, put a lot into the community. They pay important commercial taxes, hire locally, give to sports teams and charities, and sponsor countless events that likely wouldn’t happen without that kind of support. Plus, along with our gorgeous trails, historic buildings and gems like Riverwalk Commons, our local stores really help to give Newmarket its ‘flavour.’

If that doesn’t sell you on the idea, how about this: you typically find things locally that you just can’t find anywhere else! 

Okay, so where to begin? Start with resisting the urge to drop your dollars online—at least some of the time. Then head out and explore the many amazing businesses in town. There are some great options on Main Street, and don’t stop there—you’ll find gems from one end of Newmarket to the other. 

If you make a purchase, please share it online, tag a few friends and ask them to do the same. 

A healthy business community is a telltale sign that a community is flourishing, and retailers in particular are really the face of that. Even smaller shifts in your shopping behaviour can make a positive difference.