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Budding Newmarket filmmakers seek community's support to produce short film

'We want to inspire big audiences and create an impact in this world. We have a lot of big plans for the future.'

Mark Svorov and Anton Iakovenko are on a mission.

The young Newmarket-based filmmakers are the brains behind IAVA Productions, a film and video production company that specializes in commercials, in-house content creation, creative productions, and more. Working for a variety of international and Canadian businesses since founding IAVA Productions in 2018, Svorov and Iakovenko are taking the company down a new, exciting path — and they’re asking their fellow Newmarket residents for help.

Out of the Nest is IAVA Productions’ first-ever short film, Svorov and Iakovenko’s self-professed “first big step” toward transitioning to a film and television-focused independent film production company. Having already invested over $10,000 of their own money into the production, Svorov and Iakovenko are asking for help to raise the remaining $9,682 — the precise amount needed to complete the film, which is nearly 70 per cent complete. 

“We want the audience to feel like they’re there with the characters, so we’re using high-quality, professional equipment,” said Svorov. “It really adds up.”

Out of the Nest tells the story of two devoted brothers who decide to rob their wealthy uncle with the hopes of paying off their father’s gambling debt. The film, shot locally, stars a myriad of up-and-coming Canadian talent.

“We really want to make things that are different from what’s out there right now,” said Svorov. “Our vision for our films and stories is to challenge beliefs.”

Though Svorov and Iakovenko are used to intensive shoots, with campaigns for Toyota, Home Depot, RenoRun and others under their belt, Out of the Nest was a production, they said, like no other. Filmed over four days, the film’s “crazy” shoot had Svorov and Iakovenko working 14-hour days, with only two or three hours to sleep and recharge each night. Other complications, like pouring rain during exterior shoots and the robbery of some sound equipment from the crew’s van, only served to heighten Svorov and Iakovenko’s stress. 

But, they’re happy to report, everything turned out in the end.

“Filming was really enjoyable,” said Iakovenko. “We had a great team. Everyone was really supportive and cool. Without them, we would have never made it this far.”

More than half the funds raised for Out of the Nest will go toward the cast and crew’s pay and location rentals, with the rest split between equipment, catering, and a complex car crash scene. Those who donate to IAVA Productions’ Indiegogo campaign for Out of the Nest will receive perks that include early access to the final product, a signed script, and even an associate producer credit.

“Because it’s our first short film, we really had to start from zero,” said Iakovenko. “We tried to find the best professionals who were willing to invest their time, and we’re very happy with how everything turned out.”

Almost a year into Out of the Nest’s production, Svorov and Iakovenko are excited to finally see the end in sight. They intend to enter the short film into festivals across North America, with the hopes of growing IAVA Productions into a large-scale creative production business. Though Iakovenko has produced award-winning short films in his native Ukraine, it’s the first large-scale Canadian film production for either of them. 

“We want to inspire big audiences and create an impact in this world,” said Iakovenko. “We have a lot of big plans for the future.”

The first round of their fundraising campaign raised $2,000, which went toward renting a studio and equipment.

Those who wish to support Svorov and Iakovenko on their filmmaking journey can visit Out of the Nest’s Indiegogo fundraiser here