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All-in-one transit fare coming to York Region this month

Province launching One Fare for transfers from York Region to neighbouring GTA transit agencies at no additional charge starting Feb. 26
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York Region transit riders will soon be able to get around the GTA on a single fare.

Beginning Feb. 26, riders will be able to pay for “One Fare,” a provincial partnership between the GTA transit services. Fully funded by the Ontario government, riders can use it for more affordable transfer between York Region Transit, GO Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit and Mississauga’s MiWay.

York Region chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson said transit is a top priority in the region. 

“Simplifying fare payments with the new One Fare Program puts travellers’ experience first and makes our collective transit systems even more convenient, reliable and affordable,” Emmerson said. “One Fare removes boundaries and barriers to travelling across different municipalities, allows for more convenient access and supports our growing communities."

York Region Transit, alongside the province and transit partners, has worked toward full fare integration for more than a year. The initiative is expected to save regular riders $1,600 per year on average.

“Our government is on a mission to keep costs down for the hard-working people of Ontario,” Premier Doug Ford said in a news release. “One Fare will eliminate double fares and put $1,600 back into the pockets of transit riders.”

The program allows transit riders to pay only once when connecting to and from the TTC. PRESTO, the fare collection system used, will calculate a 100 per cent discount and apply it to the PRESTO card, credit or debit card used for payment. Transit riders must tap on and off with the same card, with transfers valid for two hours starting from local transit and three hours starting from GO transit.

When connecting between local and GO Transit, the local portion will become free. When connecting between local transit systems, the second portion of the trip will become free.

York University president Rhonda Lenton welcomed the news, with more than 74 per cent of students and most faculty commuting to campus. 

“An integrated fare system will not only create a more affordable, accessible, and efficient transportation network but also continue to provide a sustainable transportation option that will help to reduce our community’s carbon footprint,” she said.

Information is available on the Metrolinx website