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LETTER: Where do we get the money to pay for all the needs?

From increasing pay for education and health-care workers, to funding transit and affordable housing, which 'big business' should be paying, questions letter writer
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Re: Letter to the editor: Lecce unqualified to be minister of education, Nov. 17, 2022.

I only have one question. We all seem to believe there is money out there to pay more to education workers, and health-care workers, too. And for all the new and needed transit and housing.

Everyone says tell big business to pay. Could someone tell me which big business they want to target? Can someone get specific about which companies have the deep, deep pockets and just how deep they are? 

And how do we get that money without losing those companies and their jobs? I just would like to know.

Miriam Snider-petry, Newmarket