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LETTER: Newmarket-Aurora PC candidate taking support for granted

Not showing up in any public forum and not responding to media questions is a direct threat to democracy, writes lifelong Progressive Conservative voter
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As a lifelong (Progressive) Conservative voter, this will be the first election that I will not be voting for my party of choice. 

The reason is simple, and it has nothing to do with Doug Ford: the PC candidate for my riding, Dawn Gallagher-Murphy in Newmarket-Aurora, has, frankly speaking, threatened what it means to live in a democracy. 

To be appointed without the local riding's blessing was disappointing enough, but Gallagher-Murphy has essentially been a ghost during throughout the campaign. She hasn't shown up to any public forum and has not responded to inquiries from this very news site. That, to me, is a direct threat to our democracy.

She is taking our support of Doug Ford for granted —  being an MPP is a very important role (and is compensated accordingly) — and I can't trust that Gallagher-Murphy will stand up for what's best for our community. With another Ford majority on the horizon anyway, in addition to the fact that all surrounding ridings will likely elect PCs — meaning Newmarket-Aurora will still get the benefits as if it's a PC riding —  on Thursday, June 2, this elector will be voting for someone other than Dawn Gallagher-Murphy.

Jay Allison, Newmarket