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LETTER: Closing road so salamanders can cross? Unbelievable!

'We definitely have lost control of any common sense in this country,' says letter writer
The Jefferson salamander, an endangered species, crosses the road to return to its winter habitat when it rains in October.

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Re: Stouffville Road closing when it rains so salamanders can safely cross, Oct. 12, 2023.

There’s one road in Richmond Hill that will be closing on rainy nights this month so an endangered species can safely cross it. Stouffville Road between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street will intermittently close from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. until Oct. 29. Unbelievable!

Let me begin by saying that anyone who knows me would agree that I enjoy nature probably as much or more than most people.

However, at the present time, we have a friend in a local hospital whose family have to be there to look after their mother constantly as apparently the staff are too overworked to help her with her daily needs. Could anyone explain to me how we have tax dollars for closing down roads for salamanders but no money for hospitals?

Also, as everyone is very concerned about our carbon footprint, it seems rather ridiculous that cars would possibly have to drive miles out of their way to bypass these roads, spewing unknown amounts of carbon into the air.

We definitely have lost control of any common sense in this country.

Dwight Evans