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Our Airline
Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) and is trailblazing with an ambitious, rapid expansion to disrupt the monopolistic practices of Canadian airlines. At Flair, we believe in air travel for all. Canadians have paid far too much for far too long. We will not waver or compromise. Flair is here to stay and will continue to make travel more accessible, more affordable, more exciting - to everyone.

We take our obligation to our staff and customers seriously and maintain an impeccable safety and reliability record. Our incredible track-record will never come at a cost to the consumer and our fares will always remain affordable while providing safe and reliable air travel.

Flair is growing our fleet, route network, and frequency of flights in record time. There’s nothing stopping us now. We are the pioneers of ultra-low fare travel in Canada, and since our launch in 2017, we’ve brought affordable travel to 31 Canadian and North American destinations.

Our mission is clear, we will liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love.

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Our Fleet

Boeing 737 MAX 8
The 737-8 is a twin engine, single aisle jet which provides extended range and efficiencies. These brand-new aircraft are joining our fleet starting in 2021. Each seats 189 passengers and has a range of 3,550 nautical miles (6,570 km). The 737-8 has Advanced Technology Winglets to increase the effective wing span to improve fuel efficiency. The more efficient LEAP-1B engines feature carbon fiber fan blades to increase efficiency and chevrons reduce engine noise. The aircraft deliver savings in fuel and CO2 emissions by 14% compared to other 737s with the lower per passenger emissions being a vital step in lowering the carbon footprint as Flair works to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airline.

Boeing 737-800
The Boeing 737-800 is a twin engine, single-aisle jet. These Next-Generation 737 aircraft seat 186 passengers and have a range of 2,935 nautical miles (5,436 kms). Emblazoned with Flair’s distinct acid green and black colours, the aircraft exude our belief that affordable air travel can connect society and inspire adventure.

What is a ULCC?
An ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) is an airline that operates with a low-cost business model and provides customers tickets at a much lower price. Since Flair’s launch in 2017, we’ve brought affordable travel to major Canadian markets. Our low fares mean everyone can travel more - for less! Plus, Flair’s unbundled prices which means you only pay for those additional services you need.

Our People