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Wendy Comer – Primerica Independent Representative

Your expert in inspired WEALTHcare. Empowering you to take your money mindset from stress to SUCCESS, the WEALTHWorthy Way!

It’s all possible, more than you’ve imagined!

This sage advice is what I now share with my clients.  It has served me well as a life philosophy. Simply be open to possibilities, wisely trust in the flow of opportunities, and the future will unfold in the best way! And so, it has for me, guiding me into a career that combines all my knowledge, abilities, and talents, a cherished vocation to which I readily admit, I will stay committed for life.

Early on, after amassing a solid foundation of training and expertise in business and technology, I went on to work in corporate accounts payable, eventually becoming an extremely competent one-woman IT department for two consecutive employers. I quickly became famous for my affinity for resolving techno-problems; my renowned magical touch would always tame the most contrary of computers. 

Ultimately, the corporate experience taught me much about myself, revealing an advanced aptitude for excellent customer service and problem-solving, technological and beyond. The entrepreneurial world beckoned, however, and finally, wanting a future more within my control, I left the 9 to 5 behind to explore my true passion for wealth management.

Now, I am a fully licensed financial representative with Primerica, I've come to recognize this new career path is as much about personal growth as it is about helping clients achieve their monetary dreams. 

More fulfilled than ever, I now live a multi-faceted life of continuous learning and loving the deep satisfaction of customizing success solutions according to each client’s financial needs. Unlike some advisors, my approach is far from cookie-cutter, free of judgment and blame. Instead, I educate and empower clients, helping them feel confident and content in their choices creating their ideal life now and their promising future down the road. 

A committed problem-solver here for you, empowering you to take your money mindset from stress to success, I am your advisor for life.

Fully licensed:

Representative of PFSL Investments Canada Ltd., mutual fund dealer

Life Insurance Agent offering products underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada


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