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Eagle Chiropractic and Massage

Dr. Mensour and the staff at Eagle Chiropractic and Massage would like to inform patients on many health-related topics as well as a variety of issues and conditions which affect the human body. We stand by and exemplify our clinic's motto, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITH PAIN”

The professional health care team at Eagle Chiropractic and Massage is committed to providing you with the most efficient cutting-edge strategies and treatment approaches for pain management and injury treatment.

We take an individual approach with each client to identify the unique functional components that characterize your condition.

Our goal is to first understand your problem and symptom pattern completely from your perspective. We then take steps to determine the key underlying causes of your problem.

An individualized treatment approach is then developed for your specific condition by our health care team. Our treatment strategies are designed to bring about the quickest clinical response in the shortest time frame possible.

We utilize a multitude of high-tech approaches including computer-chip guided chiropractic treatment using the Neuromechanical instrument, Cold Laser therapy, therapeutic Exercise, rehab approaches and physiotherapy modalities where necessary.