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Virtual storytime, book club coming, Newmarket Public Library CEO says

'Very likely' library closure will extend past April 7, Todd Kyle says
2019-04-25 Newmarket library CEO Todd Kyle
Newmarket Public Library CEO Todd Kyle.

This statement from Newmarket Public Library CEO Todd Kyle was issued March 27.


The library has been closed to the public for two weeks now, and I thought it was time to give you an update on what’s happening.

As you know, following the decision to close the library, the Ontario government ordered libraries, and later all non-essential places of business and work, to close temporarily. 

For the health and safety of everyone, all library staff are now working from home, with senior staff coming to the library for occasional checks on building systems.

This does not mean that library service has stopped. While we have extended all due dates to May 1, and are not loaning out any physical material, our online library continues to operate and staff are working to provide support with access questions and to help those who are new to the service. 

All you have to do is send an email to [email protected], text us at 905-769-0433, or use the AskNPL link on our webpage, and we will get back to you.

While we are all doing our part and social distancing, it’s important that we find ways to keep our minds occupied, and the public library is your partner to help you with this. 

Besides our online resources, we are planning on launching virtual programs such as storytime and book clubs, and we encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date as these evolve. 

As well, we have set up a new webpage with details of the status of all library services during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

You can check this page and it will be updated as things change.

While the plan was for the library to re-open on April 7, it is very likely that this will be extended along with the closure of schools and businesses. 

Once we have more information on that, we will make sure to inform you. 

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or ideas we encourage you to reach out through the communication channels outlined above. 

Thank you again for your patience, and we appreciate your support in keeping our community safe.